Triglav national park

Named after Triglav (2,864m), a mountain carrying great symbolic weight for Slovenians, Triglav National Park is one of the oldest parks in Europe, with the first efforts to protect the area dating back to 1906. It spans nearly 84,000 hectares, almost the entire area of the eastern Julian Alps. Apart from preserving the natural environment, which is the fundamental aim of any national park, Triglav National Park is responsible for preserving remarkable natural and cultural values, which take the form of crystalline waters, deep gorges, remains of ancient forests, rich alpine flora and characteristic fauna, as well as the impressive cultural and historical heritage.

We hope that the paths you take in Triglav National Park will leave you with lasting memoriesand encourage you to come back again, for another story, just as exciting and unique as this one.

Respect the habitats of plants and animals. Admire them, but make sure your presence does not disturb their lives, as unique and magical as yours.

Enjoy clear stary nights from a bench outside the mountain huts and lodges, shelters and bivouacs. Camping or bivouacking outside designated areas is not permitted.

Hikers who do not opt for a tailor-made trek can join a guided tour of Triglav from one of these three Alpine valleys. From Bohinj ( 3-days long), from Trenta (2-days long) and from Krma (2-days long). Please book by 12. a.m. at least two days ahead at any TNP information point ( Triglavska roža Bled 00 386 4 578 02 05)